Rob! What guitar do you like the best? PRS, Tele or the Becker? Keep raging tour y'all! And are you gonna come back to Rootwire?

Dopapod responded on 01/11/2013

Hello! The PRS wins hands down, mostly because I've had it for so long and am much more comfortable on it than any other guitar. The tele is great for recording and was definitely the guitar MVP for the Redivider sessions, but I don't enjoy it as much on stage because the pickups are noisy and it's a total pain to restring and set up. The Becker was a great guitar; really fast neck and really unique sound. I don't have it anymore, though. That one's actually Dan Becker's personal guitar that he was kind enough to loan to me.

Not sure about Rootwire yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if we're on it again. Later!

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